Revitalization of an Object
It is a family and personal tradition of mine to eat toast with butter and marmalade: often for breakfast, sometimes for lunch, but usually it’s an after dinner dessert. Trying to spread cold real butter straight out of the fridge is a frustration, but easy-spread margarine is arguably bad for you. While butter crocks they may be archaic, they get the job done making your butter smooth and soft 24/7. Spread revitalizes this object that has, in its absence, given way to convenient, but less natural food choices. Revolt! Say "NO" to margarine! Let's make life easier and (somewhat) healthier.

Form & Functionality
The final form utilizes both wood and ceramic pieces to keep butter fresh and soft without the need of refrigeration. Filling the ceramic bottom with water creates an air-tight seal for the exposed butter contained in the top piece, ensuring preservation. The end product became a prototype made from wood as well as 3D printing meant to simulate ceramic pieces; both were done using Rhino.