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Safety on Campus

Rapid Workshop: Campus Safety


How might we make it safer for people exercising around the university?


Research, Ideation

Team Members

Rio SauerDaniel ShipleyCody AlderBriana Zimbelman, and Edward Rendon


Design Research

As a quick two-week workshop lead by IBM, we were tasked with identifying, conducting user research, and rapidly prototyping a problem related to off-campus safety. Our group conducted extensive user research as well as ideation through a combination of IDEO's human-centered design methods and IBM's own unique methods. These included stakeholders map, personas, observational fly-on-the-wall research, and many other methods.



We began by identifying the problem and creating a stakeholders map. From there, we explored "Needs a way to _____ so that _____" statements as well as a "Says, Thinks, Does, Feels" map in order to better identify the needs of our persona. This was followed by various forms of observational research. Edward and I participated in fly-on-the-wall research in the evening observing runners in West Campus while our other teammates performed interviews. We found that the majority looked to be around college aged, only 27.7% had headphones in, and number that were wearing majority light vs. majority dark clothing was split down the middle. After sharing findings between the team, we ideated on product ideas and build a quick mockup. Our end product, "North Star," focuses on the specific needs runners experience when out at night or the early morning. The neon bands help ensure visibility to make the user feel safer while also incorporating moisture wicking & cooling technology in the fabric.

Prototype shirt and dog collar