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How can we help connect students with teachers in an affordable and accessible way?


User Experience, User Interface, Product, Email Marketing, Front-End Development


MyTennisLessons (sister company FitnessTrainer)


Connecting Students with Teachers/Trainers

During my time with MyTennisLessons, I worked on both the design and front-end development of the MyTennisLessons and FitnessTrainer websites. Through A/B testing, I updated and redesigned responsive web pages on each site to successfully increase conversion rates and instructor sign-ups. I pair programmed with our front-end developer during my internship, and post-internship developed independently in HTML5 and CSS3 using Haml and Sass and a mobile-first approach.



I launched successful SumoMe and MailChimp campaigns to capture customers who otherwise would have abandoned the site, successfully raising revenue about $7,000 in less than one month. I successfully raised the conversion rate by 4% of trainer signups by redesigning the sign up form, and I partnered with the front-end developer to work on making the larger application more user-friendly. I was also instrumental in the redesign of the instructors' profile pages as well as the unique landing pages. Along with work on web pages, I created collateral such as an infographic describing the process of using our website as well as unique icons.



As MyTennisLessons's sister site, connected users to qualified personal trainers in their area based on their fitness goals. Much like for MTL, for FitnessTrainer I helped redesign web pages to be responsive, mobile friendly, and increase conversion rates. While it didn't make it past the prototype stage, I employed human-centered design methods while leading the research, ideation, and prototyping phases of a mobile app created for instructors and trainers. To alleviate the time trainers and coaches spend daily on the business side of their profession, the app automated many of the business-related tasks such as billing, scheduling, and client base growth. More details can be seen on the project page.


FitnessTrainer App


How can we foster more meaningful relationships between trainers and students?


Research, User Experience, User Interface, Product



What Trainers Need

During my research I employed a combination of methods including creating personas, interviews, and empathy maps. While we had a network of local Austin trainers to interview and learn from, I expanded the pool by conducting online surveys and questionnaires through our national network. Another vital source of information came in the form of blogs managed by personal trainers. Each piece of research helped me empathize with the day-to-day of trainers' lives in terms of everything from managing their business to creating relationships with clients. At the start, many personal trainers struggle to manage their own business, particularly if they have no business background. While some succeed in managing finances and marketing themselves, the majority continued to despise that part of their job, preferring the time actually spent with clients during the day.


Our Solution

For trainers to have more time and mental energy to invest into their clients, it was essential to take out any unnecessary work through automation or simplification. The app helps trainers manage scheduling, billing, progress tracking, and communication in a single space, helping to cull out necessary work that detracts from their time spent with clients. Automated processes in particular, such as appointment reminders and automated billing, help trainers with the day-to-day business tasks that many find tedious. Detailed client profiles allow trainers to make better decisions regarding their clients' needs and progress while a messaging center allows for better communication between trainer and client.