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How can we encourage students to adopt energy saving behaviors and convert their behavior into habit?


User Experience, User Interface, Design Research, Product Design, Proposal Grant Writing

Team Members

Savannah Hicks (Illustration, Art Direction, Research), Daniel Shipley (Research, UX/UI), Peter Silkowski (Branding, Proposal Document), Myself (Research, UX/UI, Proposal Document)


Energy Saving on Campus

UT already has taken great steps to amp up energy efficiency, but a lackluster student population is difficult to excite when it comes to being green—until Electrocuties. Adopting energy saving behaviors into one's life can be a difficult task; you know you should but it's hard to break habits. Playing off of Millennial's love of childhood games such as Pokemon and Digimon, the Electrocuties mobile game allows for players to have fun while subconsciously adopting energy-saving habits. Through a combination of real-world spaces and the mobile Electrocuties universe, gameplay requires both physical actions in your environment in order to unlock mini games, accessories, and other cutie elements.


Mobile Gameplay

Through interactions with a customizable cutie that users create, simple tasks are incentivized through a rewards system encouraging users to integrate minimal changes into their daily habits. Bluetooth sensors installed around campus connect the digital world to the physical. Users unlock mini games and rewards through participating in energy saving behaviors. Each action impacts campus physically as well as the cutie's digital world. Our user research (last half of images) consisted of personas, interviews, user stories which influenced our wire framing and branding. View Proposal Document