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Atlas Wearables

Atlas Wearables


How can we use the data the Atlas wristband collects to help our users improve and reach their goals?


User Experience, Graphic Design, Design Research, HTML Email Development, Social Media


Atlas Wearables


Loop Connector

As a Visual Designer at Atlas Wearables, I contributed to the visual design of marketing content, social media, email, and data visualization.  Along with visual work, I was tasked with the goal of connecting the loop between data and the user, dubbed the "Loop Connector," I conducted extensive user research, ideated, and prototyped solutions. Stemming from an exploration into how to make data usable and useful, the Atlas Weekly Summary email was born.


Weekly Summary Email

As a precursor to larger data-related features, I designed and developed a personalized html email that was sent to all Atlas users. The email presents the user's data in an easily digestible and informative manner in order to help users alter their workout plans to better reach their fitness goals. This email contained statistics and data that couldn't be viewed in the Atlas App or on the Atlas Wristband. As part of the email, we included a survey to inform further iterations. 56% of respondents found the email "Very Helpful" along with 39% finding it "Somewhat Helpful." Combined with this, 71% of users agreed that data is "Very important" to their motivation along with 26% finding it "Somewhat important," validating our push to provide users with more data.

Iteration exploring a larger width for use on a desktop web dashboard

Another desktop iteration

Mobile iteration

Mobile iteration


User Research and Reception

Prior to developing the weekly summary email, I conducted user research using human centered design methods including in person and over the phone interviews, immersion, and defining extremes and mainstreams. Atlas's main user base consisted of three groups: Gym Mice (Early Majority/Followers), Gym Rats (Early Adopters/Aggressive Followers), and Gym Pros (Competitors/Leaders). It was imperative to take into account each groups varied needs and goals when deciding not only what data to display in the weekly summary email, but how to convey the information. While Gym Mice may need motivation to keep going and focus more on general health and wellness, such as weekly totals and form scores, Gym Pros are interested in optimization for maximum results due to competition specific goals and find velocity and cardio ranges more useful. The final email prototype quickly informs the user on a number of data points focused on areas of improvement as well as personal accomplishments.