How can we share and communicate the sub-cultures and super-cultures of Austin?


Publishing, Graphic Design, Branding, Project Management

Team Members

UT Austin Design BFA Class of 2015


Exploration of Austin

There have been songs, movies, stories, and photographs highlighting Austin, TX. However, as young creators we see and experience the city differently. As Publisher & Manager, I lead our UT Design Class of 2015 in the creation of a publication that explores subcultures and supercultures of Austin through our intimate one-on-one experiences. This book contains text, photography, paintings, graphic design, and video in order to highlight 18 unique perspectives on Austin. For the publication, we ran a successful Indiegogo campaign, were featured in a Daily Texan article, and received the 2014 Core77 Design Award Student Runner Up in the Visual Communication Category. The final book is 288 pages, 6x9 inches, and CMYK full color.


Red State, Blue City

My section "Red State, Blue City" delved into the interplay between the extreme conservative and liberal groups that can be found coexisting here in Austin. While Texas is a conservative state, Austin exists as an island of liberalism. Through a combination of facts and opinions, objective and subjective criticism, as well as serious and comical tones, hopefully “Red State, Blue City” is an exploration of these two opposing views that will lead you to a better understanding of each.

Politics perceived through the eyes of two contrary local news sources

The annual bake sale strives to educate students on how the UT Young Conservatives of Texas believes affirmative action negatively affects white students.

As a gay couple seeks divorce, Texas politicians and attorneys are divided on the issue.

The homeless population in Austin faces divided perceptions and stigmas.

In the Austin capitol, female lawmakers passionately clash on the topic of abortion in Texas.

A comparison of the opposing forces regarding public university education in Texas.